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As we prepare to wind up 2017, business owners are looking forward to 2018 with optimism. Digital online marketing involves different components including social media, email marketing, PPC, SEO among others.
Technology is always changing and what worked this year might not work next year. Your business might have enjoyed success using social media marketing last year, but it doesn’t mean the same strategy will work in 2018. To stay competitive in your industry, you need to know the latest digital online marketing trends that will help take your business to the next level.
For your business’ marketing campaign to be effective, your digital marketing team needs to stay up to date with the latest digital online marketing trends. In 2017, we saw the popularity of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, videos, and Internet of Things rise like never before. Next year promises to be even bigger and better when it comes to digital marketing trends. Here are the top 5 digital marketing trends to look out for in 2018.

1. LinkedIn rising and Twitter falling
When it comes to social media marketing, business owners should know what is hot and what is not. The last year has seen Twitter struggle to increase its fan base. This was even after they had increased their popular 140 character count to 280 characters. This of course did not go down too well with some users who thought that the social media site will lose its identity. Some people now see Twitter similar to Facebook. This has really affected their growth strategy this year, with some users preferring other sites like Instagram and Facebook. On the other hand, LinkedIn has made some incredible improvements to its user interface, including its advertising platform. Expect LinkedIn to be the go to platform for B2C and B2B brands come 2018.

2. Personalization
Customers always want to know that businesses understand their taste and preference. That is why content personalization has been widely used in marketing strategies this year. This has allowed businesses to reach their target audience with content that have been personalized to match their specific interest, behavior and preferences. Compared to other generalized marketing strategies such as CTR, content personalization has proven to be more effective. We don’t expect that to slow down in 2018. If you are a business owner, 2018 is the year you should take personalization a notch higher if you want to improve your business’ bottom line.

3. Growth of mobile device
In the recent past, marketers have been using mobile device to reach customers who are not available on other devices such as laptop and tablets. Smartphones continue to change with bigger screens and better features and functionalities. It is estimated that about 50 percent of internet users will be using mobile device to surf the internet. That means marketers need to tailor their content to be suitable for mobile device users. Marketers need to make sure that the moment users login to their mobile device, they will be able to see their marketing content on the web. In fact, search engine giants Google announced they will be giving priority to mobile content after they launch mobile first algorithm in the year 2018.

4. Chatbots
Chatbots have been used by businesses to help improve their customer service and marketing strategies. Businesses prefer chatbots because they are available 24 hours every day of the week and are useful in helping
customers in their product decision making process. Now experts predict that 2018 will see chatbots become a vital part of digital online marketing. Plugins make it possible for businesses to implement chatbots on different platforms such as Facebook Messenger and WordPress website.

5. Video
For many years businesses have used blogs to reach out to customers and improve the SEO of their websites. However, if you want to be seen by more customers in 2018, it is high time you invest in quality video content. Videos make it easy for customers to get the message in one or two minutes that could have taken 5 or more minutes to read in a blog. In fact, a recent survey showed that 90 percent of content shared on social media sites
such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are video. No doubt 2018 will see more businesses adopt video content as part of their digital online marketing.

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